Al-Shaya Group is well known for its strong engineering team that ensures that their innovative designs are based on the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

It also has an equally competent and dedicated maintenance team that provides an integrated service to ensure the eciency of the fire protection systems for its clients. Al-Shaya Group oers annual maintenance contract


The new range of UL listed and FM approved fire pumps provides you a reliable solution for your firefighting pump
needs by combining the stringent quality measures of UL, FM and NFPA standards with our proven experience in the fire protection field. We can oer you a complete package of service starting from engineering assistance to field start-up and periodic maintenance

Import andinstallment offirenetwork system

1- Fire Pumps , all types and sizes with dierent specification
2- Sprinkler network System
3- Fire Extinguisher Network
4- Fire Alarm network & Accessories. Our Company they
have qualified team for Commissioning & Testing for the
below branches:
5- FM 200 gas system
6- CO2 gas system
7-External Firefighting network system ( Fire Hydrant. etc)
8- FOAM System


Terms of inspection and maintenance works

1- Inspection and maintenance works on fire extinguishers are done twice a year , once in every six month .
2- Fire Extinguisher are received from your site in batches to avoid leaving the site without safety equipment .
3- Substitute fire extinguisher are provided if necessity dictates to remove all the available extinguisher s from the site .
4- Hoses are, then , inspected to make sure they work properly in pumping the content, powder , nitrogen or foam with no leakage , blockage or seam .
5- After finishing inspection and required maintenance of cylinder , pressure gauge and refilling then stickers are stuck on cylinders showing expiry and inspection dates and sent back to the clients .